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The Reapers

The Classic SBCH Collection. Now on CashTokens!

Introducing the Reapers

The Reapers are a NFT collection launched in January of 2022 and minted out within 3 hours. The collection launched on SBCH but is now being bridged over to Bitcoin Cash!

The Reapers pioneered work on SBCH and a great community formed around the project, but with the collapse of SBCH the Reapers were in need of a solution! We've developed a bridge so Reapers can be ported over to the growing CashTokens ecosystem on Bitcoin Cash!

Bridge Reapers

The Reapers' Origin

Through death comes life. Itachu, the artist behind the Reapers collection, was in a dark period in his life and ended his old life path to focus on what brought joy: his art. This symbolic death is what inspired the Reapers collection with the goal to transition into being a full-time digital artist.

It's with the help of zquestz (AKA Josh) that this path of tokenizing and selling his digital art became an option. The result of that collaboration is what become the Reapers, which combines a lot of my childhood inspirations and implemented them into the collection as Itachu's way to finally self-express his passions combined with his own imagination.

Read Itachu's blog post annoucing the Reapers for the full origin story. It showcases some of the digital art he drew before the Reapers collection!

The Reapers Collection

The original Reapers collection consists of 10,000 unique pieces. Every Reaper holder also got the opportunity to take part in the Reaper Summons mint, a free add-on collection of 1,111 NFTs. The majority of the Summons are Dragons but the set also includes new Reapers and 3D art!

With the new website, you can browse the original Reapers NFT collection on the collection page! You can easily filter Reapers to find the specific ones with a specific set of attributes like all the 21 hand-drawn specials!

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You can read more about us here !

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Reapers are a NFT collection that made its debut on the SBCH network in January 2022 with big success. The project has always had a strong community focus with giveaways, airdrops, prizes and much more. Fo example: the Reapers' First Summons were an add-on collection freely availble for mint for Reaper holders!

Later in 2022 the SBCH centralized bridge collapsed because of bankrupcy of Coinflex, which was custodian over the bridged funds. The collapse of the bridge and the loss of the peg between SBCH-BCH led to a loss of trust from users and projects alike and killed the momentum of the sidechain.

To make sure the Reapers collection stays around, the option was added to bridge your Reapers to the growing CashTokens ecosystem on Bitcoin Cash!

You can find the old Reapers website at smartbch.reapers.cash, here you can still connect metamask to view your Reapers on SBCH.

The old website of the Reapers 1st summons mint is summons.reapers.cash.

The Reapers 1st Summons will also be bridged to CashTokens! Because the 1st Summons include 3D art we need to develop an extension to the current CashTokens metadata to support mp4. The Reapers 1st Summons will be the first CashTokens with 3D art! The Summons will also be added to the collection viewer along side the original Reapers collection soon.

On SBCH you can trade Reapers on the Mantra marketplace and on the Oasis.cash marketplace.

On Cashtokens you can trade your Reapers on tapswap.cash.


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